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Ameya Dhaygude

Data Scientist

I have been doing data science for over 6 years now. I wanted a refresher on the latest data science trends, and this bootcamp exceeded my expectations by delivering more than I expected. This bootcamp also gave me pointers to think about some traditional data science concepts in a completely different way. I highly recommend this bootcamp to anyone who would like to be a successful data scientist.

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Nichole Nobbman
Director of Data Analytics
I think this bootcamp is best suited for anyone who’s interested in data science either as a career or anyone who either leads a team or manages people who are data scientists. I feel like I’m walking away with a lot of really usable information and a base level of information to build on if I decide that I want to go further in the data science field.
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I really enjoyed the Data Visualization, Feature Engineering and Kaggle Comp. Dave and Phuc are grea...
Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson
Process Engineer
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