Unlock the Power of Embeddings with Vector Search

The total amount of digital data generated worldwide is increasing at a rapid rate. Simultaneously, approximately 80% (and growing) of this newly generated data is unstructured data – data that does not conform to a table- or object-based model. Examples of unstructured data include text, images, protein structures, geospatial information, and IoT data streams. Despite […]

Large Language Models for Real-World Applications

Machine language understanding and generation has been undergoing rapid improvements due to recent breakthroughs in machine learning (e.g. large language models like GPT and BERT). And while big tech and NLP engineers were quick to capitalize on these models, the broader developer community lags in adopting these models and realizing their potential in their business […]

Deep Learning with KNIME: Building Keras Applications

Typically, when we think of deep learning applications we think of complex coding in languages like Python where packages such as Tensorflow and Keras can be leveraged. KNIME Analytics Platform is an open source, no or low code software; this tutorial will provide theoretical and practical introductions to three deep learning topics using the KNIME […]

Distributed System Design for Data Engineering

This talk will provide an overview of distributed system design principles and their applications in data engineering. We will discuss the challenges and considerations that come with building and maintaining large-scale data systems and how to overcome these challenges by using distributed system design. Topics covered will include data partitioning and replication, fault tolerance, scalability, […]

Building and Deploying a Semantic Search Engine on Hugging Face

Unlock the power of semantic search with this hands-on tutorial. Learn how to build a semantic search engine from scratch and deploy it as an API on Hugging Face. Perfect for data scientists, engineers, and developers, this tutorial will cover natural language processing techniques and how to implement a search algorithm that understands user intent. […]

Building Enterprise-Grade Q&A Chatbots with Azure OpenAI’s Advanced Capabilities

As businesses increasingly turn to chatbots to automate customer support services, Azure OpenAI emerges as a highly advanced and customizable platform that provides robust natural language processing capabilities. To create chatbots that can effectively answer customer questions, it’s crucial to fine-tune the Azure OpenAI model to match the specific domain and language of the business. […]

Reproducible Data Science Workflows Using Docker

Want to eliminate the hassle of inconsistent programming environments and achieve reproducible data science? Attend our presentation on how Docker can help you achieve that and more! Learn the basics of Docker, including creating and running containers, working with images, automating image building using Dockerfile, and managing containers on your local machine and in production. […]

Introduction to Python for Data Science

This lecture introduces the tools and libraries used in Python for data science and engineering. It covers basic concepts such as data processing, feature engineering, data visualization, modeling, and model evaluation. With this lecture, participants will better understand end-to-end data science and engineering with a real-world case study.

Getting Started with SQL Programming

When learning data science, students typically focus on SQL, Python or R for data analysis and machine learning. On the job though, data is usually stored in a database, and that data can either be accessed through a business intelligence tool or directly using SQL. This session is intended for beginners with no prior experience […]

Navigating the MLOps Landscape

Join our expert panel for a lively discussion on MLOps. Get insights into the challenges and opportunities of operationalizing machine learning as our industry leaders share their hands-on experiences. Discover the best practices, evaluate limitations and challenges in implementation, and learn about the strategies behind successful MLOps projects. Stay ahead of the curve with our […]

Generative AI: Trends, Ethics and Societal Impact

The panel discussion at the conference will be an in-depth exploration of the topic of Generative AI, delving into the latest advancements and trends in the industry. Attendees can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the current state of the field, as well as a glimpse into what the future may hold. One of […]

AMA: Begin a Career in Data Science

This AMA session will provide an overview of a career in data science, with a focus on how to get the first job or start out in the data science field. We will discuss the key skills, resources, and strategies needed to break into data science and give advice on how to stand out from […]

Data Storytelling in Action

Data storytelling is important in analytics because it allows analysts to communicate insights and findings from data to a wide range of audiences in a way that is understandable, engaging, and memorable. In this panel, we will start by discussing what is the importance of data visualization in storytelling in different industries and what are […]

Vector Similarity Search

Let’s face it, the challenge of search today is indexing billions of entries while delivering relevant results quickly. Traditional keyword-based methods have limitations, leaving us searching for a better way to improve search. But what if we could use deep learning to revolutionize search? Imagine representing data as vectors, where the distance between vectors reflects […]