Data Science Dojo Reviews | Mohammed Abdul-Gaffoor

Data Science Dojo – Chicago, March 2018

Mohammed Abdul-Gaffoor, Sr. Director of Engineering at Motorola Mobility, graduated from the University of Mississippi with Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Electrical Engineering (RF/Antennas/Electromagnetics)

  • I was looking for something that I can get quick to get a feel for the data science, but I think I almost got what I would get from attending a one-year worth of courses.

    Mohammed Abdul-Gaffoor, Motorola Mobility


data science dojo reviews

Position: Sr. Director of Engineering

Employer: Motorola Mobility

Education: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Electrical Engineering (RF/Antennas/Electromagnetics)

Alma Mater: University of Mississippi

Cohort: Chicago, March 2018

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