Artem Kopelev

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I come from a background in biology and math I did health policy in graduate school with the focus on global health with some analytics for a city agency then I did some analytics for a giant health insurance company. So I was very interested in nonparametric methods also learning machine learning and when I came to decision trees or when it came to let’s say neural networks that’s just like, “Ooh. How does that happen, how does that work?”I was impressed with the range of topics covered also a little bit kind of cautious because the scope is so wide, you know. I was like, “Whoa how are you guys going to cover all of this in just a few days?” As I browse the website I thought, “”Oh you know this could be actually some great exercise.What was pleasantly surprising is like, “Whoa I have so many great ideas but i don’t know where to jump first.” And it’s such a like a desire to just master all of these things. And then I was thinking also yeah I’d be great if some of my senior associates like some of the managers could be able to – maybe some of our clients – would be able to kind of sit through something maybe shorter but understand the importance, the promise, the impressive power of a lot of these tools, a lot of his products.I thought it was great I think you know. So I think in general I think it could be useful in filling in missing values it could be useful in helping – complimenting current missing data. Current and kind of insufficient data of certain things do some sort of estimates there.

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