Can I use Python instead of R?


Yes.  While the bootcamp will be taught in R or Rstudio, we do provide the code scripts for Python to all of our students (for those that prefer to use Python).

Our pre-bootcamp coursework includes tutorials on Introduction to R Programming to get you ramped up for the bootcamp! Our lessons are all based in R. However, for every R code snippet, we also provide the corresponding Python code. The logic will be the same, syntax will be different. While we do work in R and Python during the bootcamps, knowledge of any programming language will work- as we teach the principles from a “software agnostic” point of view, the principles transfer across programming languages. We teach how to interpret data, and then how to apply machine learning to take that to the next level. A good litmus test to see whether you will get the most out of the bootcamp is to watch this series of videos. If you can follow along and understand, then you will probably be successful going through the course. The videos are called Introduction to R programming and are located on our video tutorials site (11 parts).

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