Community Manager

Redmond, WA, USA | Karachi, Pakistan | Remote
Full-Time | Internship

At Data Science Dojo, we are looking for a talented and creative individual to join the Sales and Marketing team of our rapidly growing organization.

As a Community Manager, you will be working closely with our target audience, understanding their needs and making sure that their concerns are taken care of. You’ll play a key role in developing new marketing initiatives, supporting the rapid growth of our audience, and creating ambitious advertising campaigns. You will be expected to develop engaging social media strategies to broaden our customer base, reach out to the community, influencers, and alumni to host meetups and community events. Your work will have a strong influence on the overall impression of the organization. As Data Science Dojo greatly relies on the value of data, you will be expected to use the power of data to add value to the marketing campaigns of the organization. You will work closely with many remarkable people at Data Science Dojo, including but not limited to our data science, engineering, development, and social media teams.



  • Establish an exceptional and engaging social media presence while maintaining the overall voice of Data Science Dojo
  • Grow community engagement through live events, social media experiences, webinars, and meetups
  • Curate, create, and manage all relevant posting content for social media platforms
  • Monitor conversations across social media and respond to the queries accordingly
  • Discover trending topics, community needs, and interests of the target audiences
  • Expand community and influencer outreach efforts to create, collaborate, and generate weekly content for blog posts
  • Curate, research, design, and write blog posts on topics relevant to the audience
  • Round up news, job opportunities, and other happenings in data science and communicate to the audience
  • Create, analyze, and iterate on key social media and email marketing metrics
  • Build and maintain a long-term communication strategy to engage influencers
  • Answer customers’ questions regarding the training programs offered at Data Science Dojo
  • Analyze how well are the users responding to customer service tools
  • Review content on our website and suggest changes
  • Define metrics of success for customer service campaigns and keep track of the progress


Minimum Qualifications

  • An undergraduate degree in Marketing, Communications, English, or a related field OR a current college student in the second half of the undergraduate program
  • Proven experience in social media marketing and/or community management
  • Demonstrated success planning, developing, and engaging a brand community
  • Understanding of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with experience using some CRM tools and software
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced and highly collaborative environment
  • Some familiarity with the implementation of quantitative and qualitative data analysis techniques
  • Willingness to work as an individual and in a team as per the need of a project
  • Some understanding of web writing and SEO


Nice to Have

  • Prior experience (1 year or more) in customer service, sales, or marketing at a reputable organization OR equivalent internship or schoolwork experience
  • A passion for education in general and data science in particular
  • Some experience with social media and email communication
  • Some experience hosting and/or organizing live streams and online events
  • Experience using CRM software and tools such as HubSpot, Marketo, and Salesforce
  • Understanding of Google Analytics and Hotjar


About Data Science Dojo

Data Science Dojo is one of the leading platforms providing training in data science, data analytics, and machine learning. Our strong network of more than 10000+ alumni from over 100+ countries makes us the most trusted learning platform in the field. Our mission is to make data science easier, more practical, and accessible to everyone by creating a network of mentors, students, and professionals.
Data Science Dojo is a unique workplace that invests heavily in employees and growth. Our teams are constantly solving problems and working together, empowering people around the world to use data science in effective ways. We are always open to new ideas, making the most out of every opportunity. Working at Data Science Dojo is a unique experience, filled with fun and a lot of growth.