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Machine Learning

Creating a Titanic Kaggle Competition Model

1 Lesson
2 Videos
2 Hours


In this two-part series on Creating a Titanic Kaggle Competition model, we will show how to create a machine learning model on the Titanic dataset and apply advanced cleaning functions for the model using RStudio. This Kaggle competition in R on Titanic dataset is part of our homework at our Data Science Bootcamp.

In this course, you will:

  • Splitting the data into train and test set
  • Handling missing values in the dataset.
  • Conducting statistical analysis of the data.
  • Building a Titanic model.
  • Improving the accuracy of the model
  • Making a Kaggle submission.

Course Contents

1. Setting Up for Kaggle Competition

  • Creating a Titanic Model
  • Creating a Titanic Model (Cont.)