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Sora: Exploring Ethics, AI, and Personalization


The silver screen is about to get a whole lot smarter. This live event explores the groundbreaking intersection of Artificial Intelligence and film, examining how AI is poised to transform every aspect of filmmaking, from scriptwriting to distribution.


This insightful session explores:

  • How AI is pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling, generating hyper-realistic effects that challenge reality itself
  • How AI streamlines editing tasks, giving filmmakers more time for creative storytelling and directing
  • How AI personalizes content recommendations and curates films based on individual viewer preferences, enhancing audience engagement

Experience user-friendly AI tools like Sora and other leading solutions in the generative video and avatar video space, with brief demonstrations showcasing their functionalities.

Leonard Rodman-Generative AI-AI-Image Generation
Leonard Rodman

AI Consultant, Rodman.ai

Leonard, a corporate training executive and system administrator at Impact Networking, brings to the table two decades of experience in education and technology. Passionate about the potential of AI in corporate education, client engagement, marketing, and beyond, he embraces every opportunity to explore its applications. Leonard’s expertise lies in testing and comparing generative image and generative video AI models, driving innovation and efficiency in his field.


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