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Hybrid Chatbots: Merging LLMs and Classification Models


Elevating Conversational Experiences through LLMs and Hybrid AI Integration

Conversational bots are rapidly evolving, promising to transform how we interact with technology and solve real-world problems. In the past, these bots relied on classification models, which offered precision but struggled with natural language variations and required extensive training. Recent advancements in Large Language Models have introduced flexibility and ease of use, though with higher costs and latency. This talk proposes a hybrid approach, combining the strengths of both models, with insights from Fortune 500 companies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the benefits of combining classification models and LLMs for conversational bots.
  • Learn how to build bots faster and bring solutions to market quickly with the hybrid approach.
  • Explore strategies for optimizing resource utilization, reducing latency, and managing computational costs.
  • See real-world applications of the hybrid approach in sectors like customer service and healthcare.
  • Discover how the hybrid approach enhances bot accuracy and fosters more natural, engaging conversations.

Join us to learn how you can leverage this hybrid model to build powerful conversational bots that tackle real-world challenges and redefine human-computer interaction.

Gaurava Srivastava
Gaurava Srivastava

Principal Engineer at Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Gaurava Srivastava, a Principal Engineer at Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, possesses over 12 years of software development experience, specializing in AI-driven conversation and high-throughput security systems. Notably, in his previous role, he led a team in constructing a dialog management system instrumental in designing and developing multi-modal chatbots tailored to solve complex challenges for Fortune 500 companies. His extensive expertise extends to spearheading the development of AI-driven data security systems at Oracle and receiving recognition as a leader in the conversational AI field. Additionally, Gaurava actively contributes to industry advancement as a technical program committee member for international conferences.


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