Do we receive grades?


No, you will not receive grades for your work during the bootcamp. Additionally, any quizzes and tests are not graded and are only provided for your learning.

Is there homework during the bootcamp?

There are 5 pre-bootcamp tutorials (to prepare everyone for the material we will cover) and 4 post-bootcamp tutorials(to review what was covered, and go over anything attendees might wish to have clarified). Each tutorial takes roughly 2 hours to work through. We ask that attendees anticipate 8 hours of pre-bootcamp work, and 8 hours of post-bootcamp review. Tutorials are recorded for those who cannot participate in real time- this often happens between work schedules and time zone differences. Our instructors are also available for questions and support before, during, and after the bootcamp.

The homework during the bootcamp is roughly 2 hours a night.

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