Instructor-led Online Data Science Bootcamp

  • Verified certificate from The University of New Mexico

  • Interactive, live learning

  • Taught by data scientists from top companies

  • After-class support through office hours

  • Post-training learning resources and career support


Spring Cohort

Start Date

March 23, 2021

Timings (Pacific Time)

9 AM – 12 PM


Verified Data Science Certificate

The best data science training in industry and one of the oldest universities in The United States are partnering to bring you a world-class data science training.

Our top-rated data science curriculum  consists of the right mix of lectures, hands-on exercises, collaboration tools, data science competition, office hours and mentoring.



After training 6000+ working professionals globally, we have crafted a curriculum that works. We focus on key areas that differentiate ordinary data science professionals from top-notch data scientists.

Pre-work to Get You Ready
Pre-work to Get You Ready

Once you register, you will get access to a learning platform to introduce you with pre-training tutorials. We ensure that all attendees are ready for the training when the training starts.

War Stories and Best Practices
War Stories and Best Practices

Our instructors will share war stories and interesting anecdotes from the trenches. You will also learn about the importance to always be in think-business-first mindset.

Data Fundamentals and Storytelling
Data Fundamentals and Storytelling

We share war stories with attendees to emphasize on importance of quality, quantity and variety of data. We also ensure that the learn to tell stories with data using real-world examples.

Evaluation Metrics and KPIs
Evaluation Metrics and KPIs

If you do not know how to measure it, you do not know how to build it. We make sure that our trainees start with the right evaluation metrics and KPIs that matter to their business problem.

Hyperparameter Tuning
Hyperparameter Tuning

The default model parameters provided by common machine learning libraries almost never work? We spend a lot of time on topics like bias, variance and different types of cross validation.

Key Tools and Techniques
Key Tools and Techniques

We ensure that most common machine learning tools like R and Python and techniques for regression, classification, clustering, ranking, recommendation, text analytics, and A/B testing.

Statistics and Math Fundamentals
Statistics and Math Fundamentals

All the necessary fundamentals of math and statistics are discussed in class with an intuitive understanding. For example, you will understand what bootstrap is and that bagging means 'bootstrap aggregating'.

Deployment and Big Data Engineering
Deployment and Big Data Engineering

We will teach you how a model is deployed in product and how an online experiment is run. Moreover, we will teach you about big data, data warehousing, real-time analytics and internet of things.


Are you a

Singapore Citizen or PR?

Data Science Dojo’s bootcamp is endorsed by CITREP+. Any Singaporean who successfully completes the bootcamp may be eligible for up to 3000 Singapore Dollars subsidy from CITREP+*

Why Data Science Dojo?

Globally Recognized

We have trained more than 6000 working professionals from 1600+ companies.

Leading global brands trust us for their data science training and analytics literacy needs.



Data Science Dojo is consistently ranked as a top data science bootcamp globally. Check out our reviews on SwitchUp and Course Report.

Meet our alumni here.

Focus on Impact

Our curriculum is hands-down the best in industry. We don’t just focus on technology but also on technique, intuition, best practices and most importantly, business impact.


Technology and Vendor Agnostic

While most training programs focus on specific technologies and programming enviroments, we are a vendor and technology-neutral data science program. The trainings are primarily conducted in R and Python with exercises in Azure and AWS and many other open source technologies.

Live, Interactive Learning Experience

We believe learning data science requires an attentive approach to teaching. Our immersive courses are taught live to give students the advantage of being coached through their experience in a collaborative and interactive environment.


Instructors Who Are Industry Leaders

Our instructors are also practicing data scientists. You will hear first-hand accounts of war-stories from actual projects and best practices.

Certified By The University of New Mexico

Upon successful completion of the training, you will be receiving a verifiable data science certificate from The University of New Mexico (7 CEUs).

The certificate can be verified the Office of The Registrar at UNM.

Office Hours

We are invested in your success. For our 16-week, remote data science training, we offer daily office hours. We ensure that no attendee is left behind.


Resources for Continued Learning and Growth

Our online learning platform contains a large number of video tutorials, R/Python Jupyter notebooks and more resources so you continue to learn.

Globally Trusted By Leading Companies

Data Science Dojo is one of the most trusted names in analytics and data science learning. More than 1600 companies have trusted us for their data science learning needs

Our Alumni Love Us

Harris Thamby


“ It was a great experience for increasing the expertise on data science. The abstract concepts were explained well and always focused on real applications and business cases. “
Watch & Read Harris’s Experience
It just seems like I don’t have the whole picture and being here this week has really helped me understand what’s out there and what modern methods exist. I think...
Elizabeth Burke
Media Research Analyst
Wonderful lectures and materials. Working on Kaggle competition together and competing with each other is definitely interesting and helpful in practicing the new knowledge.
Steven Tong Sun
Steven (Tong) Sun
Data Scientist
accenture logo 1 1 » Data Science Dojo
At the end of the fifth day I think all of us are at the same place, so that’s the beauty of this program. You could come from any background...
Kapil Pandey 1
Kapil Pandey
Analytics Manager
samsung logo dsd 1 » Data Science Dojo
A lot of great info and solid quick start on the latest on the field. Raja is a great teacher and obviously has a lot of passion and care for...
Jonathan Mathews
Jonathan Mathews
Silicon Architecture Engineer

Learning Plans

Looking for just a training program? Looking for practical experience in industry? We have different plans to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a technology-neutral and vendor-agnostic training. Both R and Python code samples will be shared with attendees. 

Yes. Every live session is recorded and made available on the learning platform for review. However, there is a 75% attendance requirement for The University of New Mexico Certificate.

Yes, you will be receiving 7 CEU’s after completing the bootcamp. You will be able to request a transcript from the University of New Mexico by paying a fee of ten US Dollars.

Once you have completed the training, you will be issued a certificate that you can print or add to your LinkedIn profile for others to see, which confirms that the course was completed through the University of New Mexico Continuing Education.

If you are a University of New Mexico faculty, you may be reimbursed by the university up to $2500. Please contact for more information.

We do offer discounts starting at 27% off. Discounts are available in limited quantities and offered on a first-come, first-served basis. You can also apply for loan through Skills Fund. 

Each class period is 3 hours and occurs once per week for 16 weeks. Additionally, each week will have 2-3 hours of homework. You can reasonably expect 5-6 hours of time per week to be spent in class and  on homework.

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