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David Herman
Data Scientist at 
The bootcamp really solidified what I learned through Coursera and self study. Nothing compares with talking to the instructors here, and it’s not so long that my employer would balk against me taking the time – David Herman attended Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp.
Nathan Rose
Vice President at 
The variety of topics was helpful, and the teachers did a great job of organizing their teaching to give the necessary overview of the topics (history, background, etc) while also eventually going deeper. The practical examples and labs were extremely helpful for learning the material and feeling like we’d be ready – Nathan Rose attended Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp.
Ed Roske
Whew! I used a kerosene lantern to find information and I just got trained on LEDs. Phuc and Dave know their subject and are both clear and engaging teachers. They gave us tools, labs, and insights that are beyond a textbook or any sterile whitepaper. Worth far more than I expected from 50 hours of lecture – Ed Roske attended Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp.
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