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Data Science Dojo Alumni at HSBC

Learn more about Data Science Dojo from our alumni and how our programs helped them take the next step in their career.
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The atmosphere it’s been heavily interactive, you know. So it’s not a one-sided kind of lecture mode which I personally hate. The participants are also telling their own experience of whatever concepts we are discussing, whatever business problems we are discussing, so this materials probably you will get in internet if you search over google, but there is no interactive session to make you understand that’s a plus point. For any user of these tools that conceptual clarity becomes very important – Dr. Arindam Sen attended Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp.
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If you are beginning your journey in Data Science or looking to see how to apply data science principles into your business; Data Science Dojo is a MUST! – Matthew Sattler attended Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp.