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In our current era, the terms “AI”, “ML”, “analytics”–etc., are indeed THE “buzzwords” du jour. And yes, these interdisciplinary subjects/topics are **very** important, given our ever-increasing computing capabilities, big-data systems, etc. The problem however, is that **very few** folks know how to teach these concepts! But to be fair, teaching in general–even for the easiest subjects–is hard. In any case, **this**–the ability to effectively teach the concepts of data-science–is the genius of DS-Dojo. Raja and his team make these concepts considerably easy to grasp and practice, giving students both a “big picture-“, as well as an minutiae-level understanding of the necessary details. Enrolling in this bootcamp might be (one of) the best upskilling measure(s) I’ve executed for myself. Regardless of turnaround time (so to speak;meaning, depending on how long the “fruits of labor” become evident), I am certain that the content I’ve learned with DS-Dojo will be **priceless**;both for my career, and in other spheres of life as well! Thank you!