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Data Science Dojo Alumni at AbbVie

Learn more about Data Science Dojo from our alumni and how our programs helped them take the next step in their career.
Manager at 
This bootcamp has done a very good job of giving me a really clear background about what the industry is as a whole which is really nice. What I like most is actually the amount of information that was supplied. You know the really clear story about what’s out there which really gives a clear vision about what’s going on around data science. So I think that’s the greatest value for me – Wade Wimer attended Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp.
Principal Engineer at 
All around hands on approach, lectures, interaction, and topics. I enjoyed the approach of developing the theory behind the application of data science and the interactions in the lectures. I’m looking forward to the follow up mentoring and Kaggle activity. All of the instructors were enjoyable and I learned a lot from all of them – Kevin Krueger attended Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp.