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Patrick Butler

Digital Marketing Strategist, 2060 Digital

I was looking for a data science course to ultimately find a road map to guide my learning going forward. It’s a lot of information online. But not any of it was really pointing me in the right direction to steer my learning and I wanted to find something that could essentially give me a jump start on using data more intelligently for my career and also just to push my learning further and my own skill set further. I have taken a course on Udacity before, while some information was good, it was really hard to stick with it.

At Data Science Dojo, I found it was a great way of keeping me accountable, by not only being in person, and taking a hands-on approach by working directly with instructors, but also I think there is no substitute for an in-person experience.

I would recommend Data Science Dojo personally, because as a working professional, there was no way I’d be able to take off 8 to 12 weeks to participate in a data science bootcamp, or a coding bootcamp, and ultimately that really wasn’t what I was looking for. I was looking for something that could give me some, some quick items that I could put into practice immediately. So, Data Science bootcamp is time effective, cost effective, hands-on all the things you really need as a working professional especially a data professional.

After being less than 1 month out from the bootcamp I built a prototype of a data engineering project I will be working on going forward. This prototype, alone, will save my group over $100,000/year as well as about 50 hours/week in work hours. Once this rolls out to full agency (happening now), savings will amplify. I actually started this work during the bootcamp and the education I received from the bootcamp will help me push this forward.

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