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Data Science Dojo is a quickly growing data science community made up of 3600+ members. We offer workshops, bootcamps, and consulting services in various areas of data science and engineering. Through our offerings, we have trained over 3000 professionals from over 500 companies around the world. We are always looking for new hiring partners to collaborate with.  Becoming a hiring partner is absolutely FREE but what are some of the other incentives?


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Featured Alumni

Our program attracts some of the top data science engineers in the field. Read about our featured alumni to get a sense of the talent accessible to our hiring partners.

Walter Kissling

Walter just completed his Master of Management in Energy at Tulane University and will be starting a Master of Financial Engineering at UC Berkeley next March. He started his own quantitative investment fund, using machine learning to generate stock predictions. Walter has also developed a forecasting model to calculate the natural gas storage report released by the US Energy Information Administration. He is particularly interested in working in industries that relate to financial markets (specifically asset management and stocks and commodities trading), FinTech, finance, energy, oil, and gas.

Interests: Applications of machine learning and predictive analytics to the stock market and commodities trading, as well as the oil and gas industry.


On Data Science Dojo’s Silicon Valley Bootcamp:

The bootcamp gave me a solid understanding of big data, predictive analytics, and resources I can use to further expand my knowledge in the subject matter.

The bootcamp also had examples of situations where predictive analytics were being used, which gave me ideas on how I could apply predictive analytics to my own projects.

- Walter Kissling

Walter Kissling

Naveen Chander

Naveen is completing his M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering at Arizona State University. He possesses two years of experience as a Design Engineer at Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions. There he worked on designing, modeling, and creating a 3D library for the Bosch Rexroth hydraulic power packs.


Interests: Data science, data mining, big data.


On Data Science Dojo’s March 2015 Seattle Bootcamp:


I had taken a few classes related to data science in college and worked on some projects. But, I didn’t know what data science skills were needed in the industry and how they were used. This bootcamp helped me bridge the gap between classroom and actual industry experience.

- Naveen Chander

Naveen Chander

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