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Writing Unit Tests for Data Science Code


If you type ‘unit test’ into your favorite search engine, you will receive a lot of information for Software Engineering, but very little guidance for Data Science code. In Data Science, the small piece of code that you want to test also needs to take in data, train a model, or evaluate a model, but all of these steps are complicated and consist of many smaller units. In this talk, Dr. Nile Wilson will share her Software Engineering best practices for testing Data Science Code and some of the common scenarios for data, like mocking calls or mocking data. This talk is for anyone bridging the gap between Software Engineering and Data Science, anyone in MLOps, or anyone productionalizing data.

Nile Wilson - Microsoft - Data Science Dojo
Nile Wilson

Data & Applied Scientist in Industry Solutions Engineering (ISE) at Microsoft

Dr Nile Wilson is a Data & Applied Scientist 2 in Industry Solutions at Microsoft, focused on developing and implementing Machine Learning solutions for enterprise customers. In addition to data science, she is passionate about improving diversity and inclusion in the workplace. She developed the Cultural Experience Program to improve employee representation and diversity during the hiring process at Microsoft and beyond.

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