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Working with Virtual Machines and Marketplace Offers


Microsoft Azure is a cloud service platform that provides an agile cloud computing infrastructure to users. The platform offers a plethora of tools that can dramatically accelerate your development process. However, people often do not know about the Azure Marketplace. It is an online store that contains thousands of applications and services built by industry-leading technology companies. But how can we use those services? Where can we install those applications? Are they free? If not, then how much do they charge? How can I find a service that I want?

The answer to these questions, and others on your mind, is not easy and straightforward. And so, to address them, this Hands-on Skill Building Webinar is being conducted. By the end of this session, you will:

  • Know the basics of Azure virtual machines and how to use them
  • Know how to install apps on VMs
  • Know how to look for desired offers in the Marketplace
  • Learn about the functionality of one of the offers that will be installed during the webinar


Pre-requisite: In order to achieve the best learning experience, it is recommended to have a free Azure account having free credits beforehand, so you can tag along with the instructor.

Saad Shaikh - Associate Data Engineer
Saad Shaikh

Associate Data Engineer at Data Science Dojo

Saad Shaikh is an Associate Data Engineer at Data Science Dojo. He focuses mostly on Azure Cloud services as he develops Azure Marketplace offers and has published many of them, belonging to various categories. Saad has also worked at the National Centre of AI in Pakistan for the Autonomous Vehicle prototype in the past. He completed his B.E Computer Information Systems from NED University and stood 4th in his batch.

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