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Unstructured Text With Python, MS Cognitive Services & PowerBI


In this tutorial, Craig Guarraci speaks about how to Make Sense of Unstructured Text With Python, MS Cognitive Services, and PowerBI. We’ll also take a broad look at industry research to see how text analytics and sentiment analysis are used.

What you’ll learn

  • To look at difficulties associated with sentiment analysis
  • Review Python code examples to call the Microsoft Cognitive Service key phrase and sentiment APIs
  • Use Power BI to explore text results (beyond just a tag cloud)
Craig Gurraci

Data Scientist

Customer-focused Senior Technical Program\Product Manager with over a decade of experience delivering high-quality, complex projects for internal users and external customers. Keeps the big picture in focus and sees the right details. Have successfully led geographically dispersed teams to reach common goal.

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Refer to Avid Machine Learning blog for the code.
Slides on Unstructured Text With Python, MS Cognitive Services & PowerBI can be found here.