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Understanding AI Observability in LLM Applications: A Fireside Chat with Experts


Join us for a fireside chat featuring Alessya Visnjic, CEO and Co-founder of WhyLabs, and Raja Iqbal, CEO and Chief Data Scientist at Data Science Dojo, as we delve into the world of AI observability and Large Language Models (LLMs).

In this conversation, we’ll explore the critical role of AI observability in ensuring the safety and security of large language models. Our speakers will share their expertise and unique insights into monitoring and understanding these advanced models, emphasizing the significance of specialized analytics tools and observability platforms.

This discussion aims to offer fresh insights and practical approaches for technical architects, engineers, and organizational leaders seeking to leverage LLMs and generative AI through AI observability.

Alessya-LLMs-AI-WhyLabs-Data Science Dojo
Alessya Visnjic

CEO and Co-founder at WhyLabs

Alessya Visnjic is the co-founder & CEO of WhyLabs, the AI observability company. Prior to WhyLabs, Alessya was a CTO-in-residence at the Allen Institute for AI. Earlier, she spent 9 years at Amazon leading AI initiatives, including the development of the internal AI platform and the early SageMaker. Alessya is the founder of Rsqrd AI, a global community of AI practitioners who are committed to making enterprise AI technology robust and responsible.
Instructor Raja Iqbal from Data Science Dojo, guiding participants through the LLM Bootcamp.
Raja Iqbal

CEO and Chief Data Scientist at Data Science Dojo

Raja Iqbal is a data scientist, a passionate educator, and an internationally recognized speaker on data science. Prior to Data Science Dojo, Raja worked at Microsoft in a variety of research and development roles involving machine learning and data mining at very large scale.

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