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To and Through Data Science


In this talk Jimmy will be telling the story of his journey to, then through Data Science, starting from his finance/accounting days (Symantec, 2013), all the way until the present day (2022, Sr. Data Scientist at LinkedIn). He will touch on highs, lows, moments of triumph and setbacks, and working full-time/doing a Masters part-time for 7 years. He hopes to share with the audience some wisdom that he has gained on this journey and leave them with some words of encouragement (that persistence and a good attitude are some of the best tools you can have in any pursuit of life).

Jimmy Nguyen | Future of Data and AI
Jimmy Nguyen

Jimmy Nguyen at Linkdin

Jimmy Nguyen is currently a Senior Data Scientist at LinkedIn, where he uses analytics, insights, and experimentation to guide strategic decisions for the data powering LinkedIn’s Economic Graph. The son of Vietnamese refugees and a Silicon Valley native, Jimmy was one of LinkedIn’s first HR to Engineering transfers, transforming himself from Analyst to Data Scientist over the course of 4.5 years through a part-time Masters in Statistics, online courses, and a plethora of side-projects. He believes that persistence, when coupled with a good attitude, are some of the best tools one can have in any pursuit of life

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