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Tips For Building A Data Science Portfolio


Projects and portfolios are the cheat code for breaking into data science and analytics. But building these projects isn’t easy to build. It’s hard to know what type of project to do, where to get the data, and what type of analysis to perform. In this session, I’ll give you the 5 tips I have for overcoming these roadblocks and being able to build killer projects, quickly. These are the 5 tips I used to build 30 data science projects in 30 days. Here’s a preview:

  • Basing the project off your dream job
  • The best place to find data
  • How data visualization is the key
  • Why you should publish unfinished projects
  • + more!
Avery Smith
Avery Smith

Data Scientist at Data Career Jumpstart

Avery Smith is a data scientist who now helps others break into the data career through his company Data Career Jumpstart. He also runs a consulting firm where he helps businesses become more data-driven. Formerly, he worked at ExxonMobil & Vaporsens. You cand find him on LinkedIn where he posts daily data content.

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