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Time Series Analysis for Beginner Data Scientists


This webinar is meant for individuals who are beginner data scientists with basic coding experience. Time series data problems are quite common and in demand. Time series analysis and models are used in areas such as finance, retail, human resources, environmental analysis, and more. The audience will be able to navigate, analyze, and model time series data, and apply these techniques to the problems of their choice.

This webinar is meant for individuals who are beginner data scientists with basic coding experience. By the end of this webinar individuals will be able to:

Understand the basics of time series analysis and the related terminology.
Use machine learning to create time series models
Forecast with, and validate these models
Make interactive dashboards

There will also be an interactive exercise: A skeleton notebook and dashboard script will be provided. The data will be a financial set about stock prices.

Alexander Baker
Alexander Baker

Senior Federal Data Scientist at KPMG

Alexander Baker is a senior federal data scientist at KPMG. He has received two bachelor of engineering degrees (Biomedical and industrial engineering) with a minor (applied mathemUatics) and a master’s degree (industrial engineering) from the University of Virginia. He has been a federal consultant for the FDA, DHS, and DOD, working for Fortune 500 companies like Booz Allen Hamilton and KPMG. He is a mentor and manager for Illuminate AI as well as an ambassador for Deep-learning.

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