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The Seven Ingredients in Every Great Chart


Unfortunately, many charts leave readers confused or wondering what the point of the chart was, or (worse) unintentionally misrepresent the data and its underlying reality. This is virtually always because there was one or more “missing ingredient” in the chart. In this eye-opening talk, Nick Desbarats lists the surprisingly wide variety of skills and knowledge that are required to make clear, useful charts.
Nick Desbarats
Nick Desbarats

Independent Educator and Author, Data Visualization and Information Dashboard Design Educator Practical Reporting Inc.

Nick is an independent educator and consultant, Nick has taught data visualization and information dashboard design to thousands of professionals in over a dozen countries at organizations such as NASA, Bloomberg, Visa, The United Nations, The University of Toronto, Marathon Oil, Shopify, The Internal Revenue Service, The Central Bank of Tanzania, Teradata, and many others.

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