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The Gold Standard: Data Quality and Data Contracts in AI


In this session, we’ll dive into the world of data contracts—API-based agreements between data producers and consumers that capture the data’s schema, semantics, distribution, and enforcement policies. We’ll also learn how data contracts provide a single surface for collaboration on data in a shared language, allow the data model to evolve in an agile and iterative way, and apply data governance incrementally where it’s needed for AI and ML systems. We’ll explore how organizations can leverage data contracts to ensure Artificial Intelligence systems are trained on trustworthy and well-governed datasets.

Chad Sanderson-Data Quality-Data Contracts-AI
Chad Sanderson

CEO | Head of Data | Published Author

Chad Sanderson is passionate about data quality, and fixing the muddy relationship between data producers and consumers. He is a former head of data at Convoy, a LinkedIn writer, and a published author. He lives in Seattle, Washington, and operates the Data Quality Camp group.


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