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Saving Lives Behind the Wheel: Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision for Road Safety


More than 1.35 million people die in road crashes each year. These deaths are avoidable and unnecessary and governments all over the world are resolving to reduce them, through their “Vision-Zero” programs. We will take a technology deep-dive into this problem to first show how a lack of technological innovations has failed to lower this trend over the past 20 years. Then we will argue how three enabling trends, 1) video-analytics maturity, 2) availability of powerful edge-computing hardware, and 3) proliferation of CCTV cameras, are poised to change the traffic safety landscape for the better, to reduce fatalities and crashes. We will summarize the challenges in this industry, and show how real-time edge-based deep-learning systems can tackle them effectively by retrofitting existing camera infrastructure for road safety.

sohaib khan
Sohaib Khan

CEO and Co-Founder of Hazen.ai

Sohaib Khan is the CEO and co-founder of Hazen.ai, an award-winning video analytics company specializing in computer vision and deep learning for traffic analytics. Dr. Khan’s area of expertise is computer vision, with more than 20 years of research and development experience in the field, specializing in video analytics, multi-camera sensor fusion, and 3D reconstruction algorithms. Prior to founding Hazen.ai in 2018, Dr. Khan was the Research Director at GIS Technology Innovation Center, Umm-ul-Qura University in Makkah Al Mukarramah, and the Department Chair of Computer Science, LUMS, Lahore. Dr. Khan earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Central Florida in 2002.

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