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Read, Write, Think Data


The process we follow when working with data is just as important as the tools we’re using. In this presentation, Ben Jones of Data Literacy will give you an overview of a new tool-agnostic framework that powers his company’s recently launched training program, Data Literacy Level 2: Working Effectively with Data, and the accompanying book “Read, Write, Think Data” (coming soon)! By the end of the webinar, you’ll be equipped with an understanding of The WISDOM Data-Working Flow, which you can use to pose suitable questions about your data, form hypotheses that can be tested, and convert raw data into the wisdom you need to make sound decisions at work and in life. This new framework was developed by Ben Jones, CEO of Data Literacy, award-winning data visualization designer, best-selling data author, and Professor of Data Visualization at the University of Washington. This new framework is applicable to all experience levels and useful to anyone who interacts with data and must use data to make decisions.

Ben Jones-Data Science Dojo
Ben Jones

Founder & CEO at Data Literacy

Ben Jones is the Co-Founder and CEO of Data Literacy, a training and education company that’s on a mission to help people learn the language of data. Ben teaches data visualization at the University of Washington Foster School of Business. He’s the author of Avoiding Data Pitfalls (Wiley, 2019), Data Literacy Fundamentals (Data Literacy Press, 2020) and Learning to See Data (DLP 2020). Ben formerly led marketing for the popular Tableau Public platform at Tableau. To balance out the digital side of things, he loves hiking and backpacking on the beautiful trails of the Pacific Northwest. Ben holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from UCLA (2000) and an MBA from California Lutheran University (2011)

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