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Rapid Assessment of Service & Application Security


Learn how to quickly assess the security posture of your application or service, even in fast-moving environments with limited access to expert security professionals. Discover a methodology that can identify the majority of security gaps in just an hour or two. We’ll provide a sample application and guide you through the process, which is best applied by someone who deeply understands the architecture and design of the application or service being assessed. Gain the confidence to identify vulnerabilities in your application with ease.

Here are three key takeaways attendees can expect to learn from this session:

  • How to rapidly assess the security posture of their application or service using a streamlined methodology
  • How to identify and prioritize the most significant security gaps and vulnerabilities in their application or service
  • Best practices for evaluating application design and architecture to improve overall security posture
Khaja Ahmed
Khaja Ahmed

Consultant on Computer Security & Adjunct Faculty at Bellevue College

Mr. Khaja Ahmed has been a security engineer, architect and executive over the last three decades. His security experience covers embedded systems, operating systems, applications as well as cloud computing and large geo-distributed services. Having invented innovative solutions with more than a dozen patents, and having led security teams in Microsoft, Amazon, Google and SAP, he is able to speak in depth about all dimensions of security – technology, business, legal / regulatory and the human factor.

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