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R Programming for Excel Users


R programming is rapidly becoming a valuable skill for data professionals of all stripes and a must-have skill for aspiring data scientists. Adding R programming to your data analyst skillset allows you to leverage powerful data visualizations, statistical analyses, and even machine learning in your daily work.
In this presentation, Dave Langer illustrates how your knowledge of performing data analyses in Microsoft Excel gives you a unique foundation for quickly learning how to apply R in your daily work. No knowledge of R coding is required for this tutorial as Dave will illustrate scenarios in Excel and then walk through how each Excel scenario is implemented in R.

What you’ll learn

  • Fundamental concepts of Excel (e.g. working with tables, collections of cells, and functions) translated 100% to working with data in R
  • Excel pivot tables translated to R code
  • Creating charts in Excel – similar to creating data visualizations in R
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The accompanying Excel spreadsheet and R code can be found here