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R and Python: The best of both worlds


One of the most common data science questions is what language beginners should learn, R or Python. This has led to a rivalry between the two languages, termed the “Language War”. The purpose of this talk is to announce that this rivalry is over, and we are entering a new era. We’ll go through the main defining features of both languages (influenced by their history) and how they compare between different workflows in data science (i.e., data visualization, machine learning) and data types (i.e., text, image, or time series). As a final element, I’ll show what methods are available for combining both in the same workspace and demonstrate this with a case study. At the end of the talk, you’ll be able to appreciate why being bilingual is essential for a modern data scientist and what are the best ways to get started.

Boyan Angelov - Data Science Dojo
Boyan Angelov


Boyan Angelov is a CTO and data strategist with a decade of experience in a variety of academic and business environments such as bioinformatics, clinical trials, HRTech, management consulting, and LegalTech. He has published articles in applied machine learning and authored the O’Reilly

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