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Python Crash Course for Excel Users


If you’re an Excel user looking to level up your analytics skills, Python is a great choice for repeatable processes, compelling visualizations, and robust visualizations. And while learning to code may seem too difficult, your Excel knowledge gives you a significant head start.

This introduction is intended for Excel users with no prior knowledge of Python. By the end of this session, you will know:

  • How Python differs from Excel as an open-source software tool
  • How to identify and implement useful packages for data analytics
  • How to navigate and execute code in Jupyter notebooks
  • How to translate common Excel concepts such as cells, ranges, and tables to Python equivalents
  • How to enhance Excel and Power BI with Python
George Mount-Data Science Dojo
George Mount

Founder and CEO at Stringfest

George Mount is the founder and CEO of Stringfest Analytics, a consulting firm specializing in analytics education and upskilling. He has worked with leading bootcamps, learning platforms, and practice organizations to help individuals excel at analytics. George regularly blogs and speaks on data analysis, data education, and workforce development. George holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Hillsdale College and a master’s degree in finance and information systems from Case Western Reserve University. He resides in Cleveland, Ohio.

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