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Power BI Crash Course for Beginners


The webinar will help you get started with Microsoft’s Power BI by teaching you how to prepare your data, analyze it and build insightful visualizations on interactive data visualization software  Power BI Desktop. 

By the end of the session, you will know the basics to:

  1. Importing data into Power BI 
  2. Carrying out exploratory data analysis 
  3. Cleaning, manipulating, and aggregating data 
  4. Using DAX and Power Query 
  5. Building insightful visualizations with Power BI 
Albar Wahab
Albar Wahab

Data Scientist at Data Science Dojo

Albar Wahab is a Data Scientist at Data Science Dojo who has a strong knack for data analytics and storytelling. He has worked on various projects involving cloud-based AI and machine learning solutions and extracting business insights from data. He is also an instructor at Data Science Dojo and is highly passionate about educating others on all the different aspects of data science and data analytics.

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