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Leveraging LLMs for Enterprise Data


Learn how to leverage language models in enterprise data management. Join us as we delve into essential LLM strategies tailored for non-public data applications. Learn about prompt engineering, fine-tuning, and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) while discovering how each approach can transform your data processes.

What to anticipate:

  •  Strategy Overview: Gain insights into key LLM strategies and their applications in enterprise data management.
  •  Proven Techniques: Explore the practical benefits of prompt engineering, fine-tuning, and Retrieval Augmented Generation.
  •  Real-world Examples: See how these strategies have made a significant impact in enterprise data contexts.

Who should attend:
Professionals, data enthusiasts, and decision-makers in enterprise data. No prior LLM knowledge is required, just bring your curiosity.

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Babar Bhatti
Babar Bhatti

AI Customer Success Principal

Babar is a Principal Data and AI Customer Success Manager at IBM. He is co-founder and EVP of Dallas AI, a meetup group of over 4500 AI professionals. He is a hands-on practitioner of Machine Learning and holds certifications for cloud, data and machine learning technologies. He shares his perspective on practical applications of AI and ML on Medium.


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