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Leveraging Data Assets in your Company and Monetizing them Ethically


This session provides an overview of how companies can use ethical data monetization practices and learnings around data valuation to reel in their revenue. Participants will learn how to:
  • Unhook the value of their data and how to maximize it
  • Locate the best data monetization strategies for their business
  • Cast a data monetization plan to increase revenue
  • Leverage data monetization technologies to streamline processes
  • Grasp the legal and ethical considerations for data monetization
  • Measure different data monetization platforms and select the best one for their needs
  • Deploy data monetization strategies to maximize revenue and customer satisfaction
  • Monitor and measure the results of data monetization efforts
By the end of the session, participants will have a better understanding of how to use ethical data monetization practices to net their company’s revenue.
Lauren Cascio
Lauren Cascio

Founding Partner at Gulp Data

Lauren Cascio is a serial founder, active tech ecosystem builder, and proven angel. She has led data monetization strategies which resulted in contracts with multinational companies, governments, and other private buyers. Lauren conceptualized Gulp Data after one of her prior boards and investors failed to understand the balance sheet value in data, even after the company secured a reliable revenue stream from data monetization.

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