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Job Hunting for Data Analysts


In this session Oscar Baruffa will:
1) Demystify the hiring process
2) Highlight why job hunting is so difficult (all the things companies do wrong when hiring – it’s definitely not always the applicants’ fault )
3) Focus on where he thinks most candidates can make the biggest difference (their resume and cover letter)
4) Give examples of what improvements to make
5) Briefly describe a strategy he uses to maintain his energy and good emotional state when looking for work (have a few types of resumes and criteria for when to use which)

Oscar Baruffa - Data Science Dojo
Oscar Baruffa

Data Specialist

Oscar Baruffa is a Data Specialist helping non-profits achieve the United Nation Sustainable Development goals and is currently working in the international development sector directing the development of a full data and analytics pipeline. Previous roles have seen him modeling energy consumption of buildings, auditing energy use and carbon emission metrics, and closely following macro and micro-economic trends in plastic recycling value chains. His 15-year career has seen him on both sides of the hiring table many times and he has collected some valuable insights along the way.

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