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How to Forecast Sales Using Prophet and Python in 15 Lines of Code


Need to predict what your business is likely to do? Want to leverage your Python skills in a practical way?

Say no more! In this session, Nick will show you how to build an accurate sales forecast using Prophet and Python. The Prophet package is built by Facebook and makes it ridiculously simple to get up and running with Time Series forecasting. In this webinar, we’ll show how to forecast sales but you could apply this to a whole range of use cases. Predict the weather, estimate market trends or even forecast your rate of GitHub commits!

You’ll need a basic understanding of Python and Pandas to give this session a go. That being said, Nick will take it step-by-step so you can do it yourself!

Nicholas Renotte-Data Science Dojo
Nicholas Renotte

Data Science Specialist at IBM

Hey everyone! It’s Nick here, you’re probably reading this to find out–who’s this guy? Right? Well…I’m just like you. I LOVE DATA. In fact, I’ve been working in the analytics space for a bunch of years now, but I didn’t just start out as a Data Scientist. I actually began my career as an Accountant and self-taught my way to where I am now! I’m currently working as a Data Scientist at IBM where I help clients on a day-to-day basis, helping them solve their most pressing business problems. I have my own YouTube Channel, blog, and GitHub where I share a bunch of data science and machine learning tutorials where I try to make it easier for people to learn complex and useful concepts. If you’re just getting started, hopefully I can help you on your journey and, if you’re a veteran, I’m hoping I can help you kick a**. I hope to see you all at the webinar! .

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