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Generative AI from Proof of Concept to Production


Launching a generative AI application into production is no easy task. After the launch of ChatGPT, many organizations have built proof of concepts but have struggled to find reliable business and technology cases. In this talk, we’ll discuss how to bridge the gap between proof of concepts and production applications for conversational use cases. This will include a walkthrough of important techniques including RAG, LLM evaluations, and creating business cases.

Key takeaways:
1) How to go from proof of concept to production
2) Which LLM techniques help you get to production
3) How to measure ROI on Generative AI use cases

Denys-Linkov-generative AI-LLMs
Denys Linkov

Head of ML at Voiceflow

Denys is head of Machine Learning at Voiceflow, focused on building performant real time ML systems. He is a strong advocate of building practical and reliable ML systems in both the Generative AI and more traditional NLU space. He is an active member of the ML community leading discussion groups, mentorship sessions and answering questions on forums. He previously worked as a Senior Cloud Architect at a Global Bank.

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