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Generative AI – A Future Unimagined


Today we’re seeing revolutionary changes in Artificial Intelligence very similar to the Internet revolution or the smartphone revolution. Whether you’re new to Artificial Intelligence or you are an expert, this is a fairly new area for most of us.

We’ll start with the basics: What are the key components of Generative AI? What’s the history? What lies ahead? How will this change our lives, consumer, and enterprise? Where to get information? Who are the key players in this space?

Kanchana Patlolla

AI Innovation Program Leader

Kanchana Patlolla is an Innovation Program Leader with focus on AI. She helps Google Cloud customers from ideation to implementation for AI solutions. In her previous role she was an AI/ML Specialist in Google Cloud Platform. She has architected solutions with major public cloud providers in New England customers spanning across Financial services, Retail , HCM and Digital native companies on their quest to cloud particularly in their Big Data and machine learning journey.

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