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From SQL to REST: Demystifying REST API


Does your large chunk of unorganized data terrify you? Let’s delve into the world of data retrieval, and learn how to transform intimidating numbers into meaningful information. We’ll begin with a dataset pulled from a REST API and learn how to convert it into properly structured data using SQL to facilitate information flow, analysis, and decision-making. The examples will build upon one another to create a progressively complex query. The objective is to demystify the process by showcasing the relationship between query parameters in a REST API and their translation into SQL queries for retrieving data from a database.

Sarun Liutel

Programmer Analyst at Bureau of Business and Economics Research

Sarun graduated from the University of New Mexico, majoring in Computer Science along with a minor in Mathematics and Economics. During his stay in New Mexico, he worked for the Bureau of Business and Economic Research as a Research Assistant to help Economists with their data requests. He then started developing and maintaining departmental website/database to shift more towards programming, data visualization, SQL queries, and serving data as REST endpoints. After 7 good years in the US, Sarun decided to return home to Kathmandu, Nepal to live as a Digital Nomad. He now provides Data science services to his clients and travels extensively.


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