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Designing Your Organization for AI and Analytics Success


More than 70% of corporate AI and analytics projects fail! Even after these corporations have spent very large investments, in time, talent, and technology.  These expenditures were made with anticipation of great returns on investment.  It is widely accepted that these projects should return great monetary or corporate benefits. And while there are examples of such stories, most AI and analytics projects and programs are coming up short.  So why do some programs succeed and others fail?

This talk will briefly discuss the 3 organizational foundations for AI and Analytics success:

  1. Organizational Design for Success
  2. Data Design for Success
  3. Analytics Technology Design for Success
Data Science Dojo
Scott Burk
Scott Burk is the author of four books on AI, data science, and analytics including the It’s All Analytics Series, the Executive Guide for AI and Analytics, and Practical Data Analytics for Innovation in Medicine. He currently teaches in the Master of Data Science program at CUNY and has taught at Baylor and Texas A&M. He has worked for startups in multiple industries as well as established firms like Texas Instruments, Dell, Paypal, eBay, Overstock.com, and healthcare. Scott has a bachelor’s in biology and chemistry, a master’s degree in finance, statistics, and data mining, and a Ph.D. in statistics. Scott has a data science consulting practice and resides in Central Texas.

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