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Delivering Impactful Generative AI Projects


Despite overwhelming enthusiasm for generative artificial intelligence, few organizations have realized measurable benefit from their investments.  Without an intentional focus on human factors, and an alignment to overarching corporate goals, practitioners might soon find that their sponsors have lost interest.

This discussion will put aside the hype, and help participants craft a playbook based on realistic achievable goals for Generative AI projects that help them and their organizations succeed.

Key Takeaways:

✔ Separate what is cool from what is valuable – orienting AI towards organizational goals.
✔ Put people first – understanding the dangers of depersonalization.
✔ Build a balanced portfolio – navigating the trough of disillusionment.

Jeremy Adamson-Generative AI-LLMs
Jeremy Adamson

Author and AI strategy leader

Jeremy is a leader in AI and analytics strategy, and has a broad range of experience in aviation, energy, financial services, retail, and public administration. Jeremy has worked with several major organizations to help them establish a leadership position in analytics and to unlock real business value using AI. Jeremy is the Vice President of Business Intelligence at Steele Auto Group, an instructor in corporate strategy at the University of New Brunswick, and the author of Minding the Machines and Geeks with Empathy.

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