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Deep Learning with KNIME: Building Keras Applications


Typically, when we think of deep learning applications we think of complex coding in languages like Python where packages such as Tensorflow and Keras can be leveraged. KNIME Analytics Platform is an open source, no or low code software; this tutorial will provide theoretical and practical introductions to three deep learning topics using the KNIME Analytics Platform’s Keras Integration. First, how to configure and train an LSTM network for language generation; we’ll have some fun with this and generate fresh rap songs! Second, how to use GANs to generate artificial images. And third, how to use Neural Styling to upgrade your headshot or profile picture! All examples will be shared.

Corey Weisinger | Future of Data and AI Speaker
Corey Weisinger

Data Scientist at KNIME

Corey Weisinger studied Mathematics at Michigan State University and works as a Data Scientist with KNIME where he focuses on Time Series Analysis, Forecasting, and Signal Analytics. He is the creator and instructor of the KNIME Time Series Analysis course, author of the e-book.
Emilio Silvestri | Future of Data and AI Speaker
Emilio Silvestri

Junior Data Scientist at KNIME

Emilio Silvestri is a Junior Data Scientist in the Evangelism Team of KNIME. He has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science at the University of Konstanz, with a special focus on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

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