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Data Storytelling: what does your data tell you?


Organisations have access to a range of data on their performance, but it isn’t always used as effectively as it could be. In this session, participants will consider the types of data they have available in their organisation, think about their understanding of the numbers, and reflect on visualisation tools they use to convey meaning. The ultimate goal of data use is data storytelling.

By the end of the session, attendees will have developed knowledge on:

  • Using and analysing data
  • Data storytelling – how to effectively communicate and act on insights from the data; and
  • Evidence-informed practice
  • The ideal outcome of data storytelling
Dr. Selena Fisk
Dr. Selena Fisk

Data Storyteller and Author

Selena is a data storyteller who is passionate about helping others sort through the numbers to tell the real stories and lead positive change. Selena has mentored hundreds of executive leaders, middle managers and employees in data storytelling, with the goal of benefitting the organisations and communities in which they work. Selena’s book, ‘I’m not a numbers person: How to make good decisions in a data rich world” was published in April this year by Major Street Publishing.


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