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Data Storage Systems


Redshift, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Hadoop, and a list of other data systems are utilized for various analytical and operational purposes in the modern business world. As each company focuses more on big data, the importance of picking the right system will increase. However, there are more data options to choose from than one might care to ever learn the name of. Each of these systems offers a variety of features and has its pros and cons.

As you go through your data career, you will have the opportunity to work with various data systems and at some point, you might need to make the call for what system your company will use.

What you’ll learn

  • To differentiate between various data systems
  • To understand the situations where one system might perform better than the other
  • To make better decisions in the future for which system to rely on
Benjamin Rogojan
Benjamin Rogojan

Data Engineer at Facebook

Ben is a Seattle based Data Scientist & Engineer working in San Francisco, California. He has extensive experience designing ETL pipelines, databases, websites, and other software products for startups and pre-established corporations.

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