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Data Manipulation with dplyr


dplyr is a great tool to perform data manipulation. It makes your data analysis process a lot more efficient. Even better, it’s fairly simple to learn and to apply immediately to your work. Oftentimes, with just a few elegant lines of code, your data becomes that much easier to dissect and analyze. For these reasons, it is an essential and foundational skill to master for any aspiring data scientist. One may be surprised how some easy-to-learn functions can make the data analysis process that much more efficient. That is certainly the case with dplyr.

What you’ll learn

  • To use this incredibly useful package to mung data, while demonstrating with a Kaggle dataset on wine ratings
Arham Akheel
Arham Akheel

Sr. Solutions Architect at Data Science Dojo

Arham holds a Masters degree in Technology Management from Texas A&M University and has a background of managing information systems.

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