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Data Analytics and Generative AI


Generative AI is a rapidly evolving field with the potential to revolutionize the way we do data analytics. In this hands-on session on data analytics and generative AI, you will learn:

-How generative AI can be used to streamline analytics tasks using Python and Power BI
-The role that generative AI is playing in the analytics workforce and how it is changing the way we work
-Real world examples, use cases and practical insights

If you are a data scientist, analyst, or engineer who is interested in learning how to use generative AI to improve data analytics processes, then this event is for you. Don’t miss out, RSVP now!

Albar Wahab | Future of Data and AI Speaker

Albar Wahab

Senior Data Scientist and Instructor at Data Science Dojo

Albar Wahab is a senior data scientist and instructor at Data Science Dojo, specializing in live training programs such as Data Science Bootcamp, Python for Data Science, and Power BI. With expertise in designing and leading Power BI training, he currently spearheads a data science consulting project utilizing Microsoft Power BI for financial reporting. Albar is passionate about data analytics, storytelling, and sharing his knowledge as an educator, with a focus on cloud-based AI and machine learning solutions for extracting valuable business insights.


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