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Crash Course on Transfer Learning


“Past is prologue” said Shakespeare. Did he know of Transfer learning? The wisdom that history sets the context for the present is the stuff transfer learning is made of – one model learning from the prior knowledge of the other. In this session, we will:

  • Understand the idea of transfer learning
  • Learn how do deep learning models communicate with each other
  • Explore the real-world applications of transfer learning
  • Compare transfer learning with human’s continuous growth model
Waasif Nadeem

Waasif Nadeem

Analytics Content Engineer at Data Science Dojo

Waasif Nadeem is an Analytics Content Engineer at Data Science Dojo whose interests are in studying the history and evolution of neural networks. He has a mathematical background and has worked on several projects at the intersection of mathematics and AI. He also has a background in teaching through which he tried to make AI relatable for the audience.

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