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Crash Course in Modern Data Warehousing Using Snowflake Platform


This webinar is focused to make you capable of getting started with the new generation data warehouse i.e. Snowflake. You will be understanding Snowflake architecture, its user interface, and the data caching feature of Snowflake. During the webinar, there will be a lot of instructor-led demos to provide you with a pragmatic experience regarding the Snowflake Platform.

Bhavuk Chawla

Founder & Principal Consultant at DataCouch

Bhavuk Chawla has over 17 years of experience in IT, and more than 9 years of experience implementing Cloud/ML/AI/Big Data Science-related projects. He is an Official Instructor for Google, Confluent, and many others. He has delivered and continues to deliver his knowledge-sharing sessions in various companies like Google Singapore, Microsoft Bangalore, Starbucks Coffee Seattle, Adobe India, and EMEA Region, etc. He was recognized by Cloudera as the Instructor of the Year 2016 (APAC) for his exceptionally high ratings received in various training sessions.


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