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Crash Course in Data Visualization: Tell a story with your data


Telling a story with your data is more important than ever. The best insights and machine learning models will not create impact unless you are able to effectively communicate with your stakeholders. In this course, we will cover brief chart theory and pair program to create a chart using python, pandas, and plotly. This crash course is intended for intermediate users with prior experience in python. By the end of the session, you will:

  • Have an introduction to chart theory. Outlining data to visual representations
  • Get access to a Google Colab Notebook that you’re able to code your own interactive charts with
  • Transform data to be ingested by pandas and plotly
  • Customize your chart with options & properties to make it unique for your use case
  • Save and share your chart with your colleagues or audience
Greg Kamradt-Data Science Dojo
Greg Kamradt

Operations & Product @ Digits

Greg Kamradt is the founder of DataIndependent.com – a full-stack data learning platform for business analysts, data scientists, and all-around scrappy data practitioners.

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